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KURVAS By KM INC. Is a small growing company that Karla Mercado founded in August of 2014. Karla decided to start her own online boutique with something that identified who she was. Waist trainers or corsets have been very popular since early age. Karla has waist trained for many years now, and has found that with consistency it is possible to achieve a hour glass figure with out cosmetic surgery. Many people always wondered how she kept her figure or how she maintained her waist line and so she would recommend waist training until she decided to open up her own line of waist trainers that would help woman achieve that waist line they always dreamed about. Her goal is to give woman that boost they need to enhance their body and raise their self-confidence, by embracing their (K)urves. Karla believes that with consistency Waist training can help change your life dramatically. "Waist trainers have helped me embrace my (K)urves and bring out the sexy Latina (K)urve in me. I want to share with you something that will help you be you want to be. Embracing your Kurves is so beautiful! Being so the reason why I named my company KurvasByKM."

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